Conversation with Andrew Kuzinskiy

On Saturday, December 14, Andrew Kuzinskiy will host a lesson for artists at OWL Studio, with the topic being "The Meaning of Tone in Illustration."


Andrew worked at Russian game developer GAME INSIGHT as a 2D artist for more than six years. He is currently collaborating with Wizards of the Coast and Capcom, and is a multiple winner of international competitions held by Blizzard Entertainment.


Tone is a very important tool in the work of an artist. You can set the shape with it, convey the texture of materials, and create an attractive composition. It’s hard to achieve a good illustration without working with tone.


The lesson will take the format of a free dialogue, which will be built on Andrew's improvisation. You will experience several hours of interactivity with Andrew, and will have the ability to influence the development of the lesson topic. There are no spotlights and microphones, just an informal conversation on the topic of drawing over a cup of tea or coffee!


Each month our guests share their invaluable experiences through presentations and masterclasses. 


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