OWL Studio at DevGAMM Minsk

On November 21-22, Minsk will host the specialist DevGAMM Minsk 2019 conference, on the development of the video games industry.


Vera Velichko, OWL Studio CEO and Art Director, will speak at the conference in a lecture titled "Be the fire that never burns out".  This lecture will show in detail the problems of stress, fatigue and professional burnout for artists and their art-leaders, highlight the actions that impede the emergence of these problems, and how to overcome these problems if they are unable to be avoided. This lecture will provide a fascinating insight and prove useful for a wide range of listeners, not only artists.


Feel free to come to Vera's lecture and ask questions — exchanging experiences and knowledge has a beneficial effect on the entire industry, so we are always happy to meet new colleagues and cooperate!