One day in London

Have you ever dreamed of participating in a book’s plot? Of becoming the one to rule fate, to define the future of the heroes? Well, your dreams might well come true. Welcome to the world of dark mysteries, filling the quiet streets of old London city…


What is a visual novel? Have you lived in Asia, you would never ask this question. This genre origins from japanese comic books (manga), but unlike traditional books and graphic novels it allows the reader to take part in the story. We have enhanced this genre, not only creating an interactive graphic story, but developing a whole world together with dozens of atmospheric locations, videos, minigames and quests. With perfect dedication we have lovingly picked proper environments, costumes and music, thus creating a whole new universe to play with. There our story begins…


It all begins in Victorian England with its atmosphere of aristocratic decadence. Our protagonist, a young man called Jeremy, is a perfect English gentleman, an offspring of a noble family. He leads quite an ordinary life for his peers: university during the daytime and gentlemen clubs and parties in the evening. One of these evening some friends of his entice his with a strange but exciting idea - to summon a demon. These friends assure young Jeremy, that they have found genuine manuscripts, describing the ritual in question. They have no doubts, that this summoning will become a milestone, changing their own lives and influencing the fate of entire mankind. Jeremy considers this idea both ridiculous and dangerous at the same time, but the temptation is too great, and he yields to it, agreeing to take part in the ritual.


You know as well me what happens to the heroes of mystic stories after they summon a demon. Had Jeremy known that he was to become such a hero, he would never venture out to the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of London. But he made his choice only to find himself beyond the border of our reality, surrounded by sinister mysteries, frightening events and strange and dreadful creatures.


What lies ahead of him? Who is to become his best friend, and who will turn to be the deadliest enemy? And having passed all the trials that lie in store for him - what will he become? Who is she, the young woman with both sadness and power in her eyes? How will this story end? As soon as you turn the first page, the answers to these questions will depend only on you.



Disclaimer: the developers can not be hold responsible for accidental demon summoning during the game.


Project team: 

Anna Nikolaeva


Ekaterina Pospeshilova


Vera Velichko

СЕО, Art-director